Critical Care and Therapeutics

Emergency Ventilator

Rice University and Canadian global health design firm Metric Technologies have developed an automated bag valve mask ventilation unit that can be built for less than $300 worth of parts and help patients in treatment for COVID-19.

Design Available for Emergency Ventilator

The plans for Rice University’s ApolloBVM, an open-source emergency ventilator design that could help patients in treatment for COVID-19, are now online and freely available to everyone in the world.

Vaccine and Therapeutic Development

The Department of Bioengineering has organized a BIOE+COVID-19 working group, co-chaired by assistant professor Jerzy Szablowski and Rebecca Richards-Kortum, Malcolm Gillis University Professor and director of the Rice 360 Institute for Global Health. More information on vaccine and therapeutic development research can be found at the Bioengineering COVID-19 Response site.