Healthcare and Public Policy

Baker Institute for Public Policy

The Baker Institute continues to analyze and address critical policy issues during this unprecedented time of global uncertainty. With a deep bench of experts in areas such as energy, health policy, science & technology, and economics, the Baker Institute is well-positioned to provide pragmatic, fact-based research that informs policymakers and the public alike. 

Baker Institute Webinars

Each week, experts at the Baker Institute for Public Policy are offering free webinars to share their insights and knowledge on issues ranging from the effects of the pandemic on refugees to the implications for Latin America. In addition, the Center for Energy Studies is producing a special series of weekly webinars on rapidly changing developments in the energy sector. Please visit the Baker Institute’s events page for a list of scheduled webinars.

Public Health Measures

The Texas Policy Lab is working with Patricia DeLucia and Fred Oswald (Psychological Sciences), and one of its founding faculty affiliates, Flavio Cunha (Economics), to develop and administer a survey to better understand compliance to social distancing measures and "stay home" orders in Harris County. The goal is to leverage the information gained to develop strategies to improve and maintain the public's compliance with public health measures over the expected long-term course of the COVID-19 pandemic.