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From developing low-cost ventilator plans to making science-backed recommendations to reduce face-touching, Rice research is contributing to the fight against COVID-19. Read how the Rice community is responding to this urgent effort.


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Baker Institute for Public Policy. Baker Institute Research Library

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Oil demand likely to grow despite pandemic, study says

Rice, Rutgers developing inhalable COVID-19 vaccine spray

Housing in Houston: Tough times for tenants, would-be homeowners

Preventing life-threatening pediatric condition starts with pandemic safeguards

Rise in credit scores amid COVID-19 may render them obsolete, says Baker Institute expert

40th Kinder Houston Area Survey: Hope for future despite pandemic's challenges

Translational Humanities for Public Health project captures worldwide scholarly responses to pandemic

Dashboard developed at Rice will help Texas schools open safely amid pandemic

Survey of Houston families reveals pandemic's unequal impact on wages and employment

Survey of Houston-area families reveals depth of COVID-19 financial pain

Digital divide disproportionately affected education for Black and Hispanic children during pandemic

Houston refines hunt for COVID in wastewater

NEST360° probes pandemic dangers for newborns

Rice expert: Religious leaders are key to vaccination efforts

Pandemic's end now in sight, experts say

Rice shares grant for AI-driven COVID-19 research

New COVID-19 business grading system could help economy reopen more safely

Rice receives NSF grant to probe COVID-19 evolution

NSF RAPID grant supports COVID-19 'computational pipeline'

AMD gives supercomputer to Rice for COVID-19 research

Rice's COVID-19 research fund awards final grants

Rice engineer wins grant to study temperature and coronavirus

Can COVID-19 spread through fecal matter?

COVID-19 research funds back six new initiatives

Most Houstonians with symptoms are not being tested

New book edited by Rice political scientist examines voting and representation in U.S.

Pandemic requires new ways of thinking about drug addiction, Baker Institute expert says

COVID-19 has unveiled shortcomings of US health policy, Baker Institute expert says

COVID-19 job loss hits Houston's low wage neighborhoods hardest

Trillions in fiscal stimulus must eventually be paid off, Baker Institute expert says

Parenting in a pandemic: How caregivers can ease young minds

Psychologists offer tips on proper social distancing

Rice reacts to critical shortage of COVID-19 protective gear

Rice's Glasscock School hosts conversation with infectious disease expert Yousif Shamoo

Expert: Trump's pandemic response will determine 2020 election

How to give back to your community during the pandemic

In this together: Rice students, Korean kids forge mutually beneficial bonds

Rice researchers looks to 'trap and zap' coronavirus

Environmental rollbacks detrimental to pandemic recovery, according to Baker Institute blog

Texas Policy Lab partners with Harris County judge on COVID-19 response

Manufacturer signs on to mass-produce Rice ventilator

How Muslims are preparing for Ramadan amid COVID-19

OpenStax experts to provide tips on promoting equity, engagement in online learning

Graduates job-hunting during recession must remain hopeful, according to Baker Institute expert

Moody studio space transformed to produce face shields for workers battling pandemic

Rice awards first COVID-19 research grants

Rice professor pulls together massive COVID-19 symposium

Rice student mentors switch gears, go online

Rice researchers: Help us understand COVID-19's impact

Hardship presents opportunity for creativity, Rice Business experts say

Rice's Glasscock School offers free, online learning sessions during pandemic

Rice researchers create interactive map of COVID cases in Texas

Rice establishes COVID-19 research fund

Rice University emergency ventilator plans now online

Psychologists to public: Here’s how to stop touching your faces and #flattenthecurve

Rice offers free math activities for children during COVID-19

Experts: Financial losses from treating COVID-19 could devastate health care sector

Fiscal interventions must stay targeted and apolitical, say Baker Institute experts

Global health expert available to discuss COVID-19 threat to hospitals in sub-Saharan Africa

Ventilator costing less than $300 developed by Rice University and Metric Technologies

'Hunker down' and hope for a controlled crash landing

Rice's OpenStax helps nation's colleges and universities provide free online instruction during coronavirus outbreak


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Wall Street Journal. Spiritual communion onscreen: Houses of worship rush to go online


Engineering staff, students work to deliver automated bag valve mask to address COVID-19 crisis

Psychologists to public: Here’s how to stop touching your faces and #flattenthecurve